Ann: Ann is the oldest daughter of King Fredrick and heir to the throne.  She was tasked by the prophets to rescue the kingdom from the coming darkness.  Unfortunately, the prophecy was very vague with respect to the specifics of the threat facing the kingdom.  Thus, she is on a quest to determine what the threat is and how to stop it.  [Stories with Ann]

Clare O'Connell: The kingdom's brightest computational theorist.  She spends her days working at the Bureau of Farm Animal Accounting: Large Mammal Division, where she has assembled a talented team of theorists. [Stories with Clare]

Ferr: A young fairy who is impatient to grow up and learn magic.  [Stories with Ferr]

King Fredrick: King Fredrick is the king and Ann's father.  He is a wise, fair, and occasionally lazy ruler. [Stories with King Fredrick]

Marcus: A powerful wizard who is constantly looking for magical solutions to everyday problems.  [Stories with Marcus]

Peter: An apprentice at the library of Alexandria and an eager student of computational ideas.  He takes computation very seriously and can be overly arrogant about his knowledge.  [Stories with Peter]

Other minor characters:
  • Abby: An amoeba who is currently in the second grade.
  • Drex: A master blacksmith and patient teacher.
  • Edgar, Florence, and Geoffrey: Three scholars from the city of G'Raph.
  • F'Ree and M'Alloc Two brothers to revolutionize the world of mall parking.
  • Goork: The author of the world's worst chose your own adventure stories.
  • No-op: He does not actually do much.
  • Paul the Pessimist: A pessimist who works for the Bureau of Farm Animal Accounting: Large Mammal Division.
  • Simon: Drex's apprentice and the world's worst blacksmith.
  • Speck: A spider who has very particular ways of sorting his food.